Financial Aid FAQ’s

What is the FAFSA?
The FAFSA is a FREE form that determines your eligibility for federal aid. Only Students who are U.S. Citizens, Permanent Residents or other eligible non-citizens will file the FAFSA.

Which FAFSA do I file?
2018-2019 - For classes beginning after July 1, 2018
2019-2020 - For classes beginning after July 1, 2019

Which tax return year do I use?
2018-2019 - 2016 tax returns
2019-2020 - 2017 tax returns

How do I apply?
FAFSA Directions here

Can I see questions on the FAFSA prior to applying?
YES. You are able to print a FAFSA on the web worksheet from This form will allow you to organize and answer questions prior to completing the FAFSA online.

Is there help available if I have questions while filling out the FAFSA?
YES. The Department of Education can help answer questions by calling 1.800.433.3243. There are also "help & hints" for each question as you complete the FAFSA.