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Financial Aid FAQ’s

Am I eligible?
• Most US citizens and permanent residents can receive financial aid

How soon should I apply?
• As soon as possible, but no later than one month before your class start date to avoid delays in processing your aid.

Does the financial aid office need things other than my FAFSA?
• The financial aid office may ask for additional documentation such as proof of citizenship or permanent residency, high school completion status, identification or other forms. Stay in touch with the Financial Aid Office and be sure to check your email regularly to ensure we have everything we need.

How much can I get?
• Each program and student's eligibility will determine their financial need.

Is the FAFSA hard?
• It is much easier than most people imagine. The online application has helpful tools along the way which address most questions. Allow an hour of uninterrupted time and have the necessary documents handy (W2, taxes, etc.); using the IRS DRT makes the financial section much easier!

Do I need my parents’ information if I don’t live with them?
• If you are deemed a dependent by the FAFSA standards, yes. Most students under 24 years of age are considered dependent unless there are special circumstances (marriage, children, military service, etc.)

I don’t know my FSA ID or Password, what should I do?
• Try re-setting your FSA ID or password by answering the challenge questions or contact the FAFSA help line at 1-800-433-3243.

I don’t understand a question on the online application.
• Hover over the questions mark icon for further details.

I’m having trouble with a section and have some general questions, what should I do?
• Visit and click on Help Center.
• Contact the help line at 1-800-433-3243.