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Student FAQs

Q: I'm ready to begin my career search. How to I begin?
A: To start your career search:

Click on the link Search Jobs/Post Resume.

Click on the Students/Alumni link. At the login screen, use your Access ID and Password that you created at registration. New to this site? In order to use the College Central Network (CCN) service, you must first register by answering questions and creating a personal Access ID and Password. Students and Alumnae must create their own Access ID and Password; the Institute does not require a specific format to be followed (i.e., letters, numbers, combination or length). Once you have completed the registration service you may post your resume and search jobs posted for Catherine Hinds Institute students and graduates.

To register with CCN, click on the link "New to this site? Click here to register".

Q: Does Catherine Hinds Institute of Esthetics guarantee a job upon graduation?
A: No. The Institute is offering a career search service to provide students with the knowledge of jobs available to graduates in the esthetics field. It is the responsibility of the students to find employment on their own.
Q: How does the Institute help the students find employment?
A: The institute has teamed with College Central Network to offer an on-line job search service. Businesses send information to the Institute about positions that they have available which the Institute publishes within the College Central Network service. Students can then search for positions that have been posted. Additionally, students may post their resume for employers to view.

Q: I don’t have a computer at home. How can I use this service?
A: The Institute has a resource center with computers available for students currently attending the Institute to use. The students are to use this lab at the discretion of their instructor.

Q: I’ve never written a resume before. How to I create one?
A: Resume preparation is part of the curriculum at the Institute. College Central Network offers "Resume Builder" as part of their online job search service, you are also able to download resume templates from Microsoft Word.

Q: My friend went to a different esthetics school. Can she use this job search?
A: No. This service is for current students and graduates of the Catherine Hinds Institute of Esthetics.

Contact if you have further questions.