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Career Opportunities For The Esthetician

ESTHETICIAN -- Estheticians specialize in the care of the skin by performing various facials and skin treatments. They may also apply cosmetics. They provide preventative care for the skin and offer treatments to keep skin healthy and attractive. Many estheticians, upon graduation and becoming licensed, will decide to work in a salon or day spa. Full time and part time opportunities are often available and some estheticians may choose to specialize in areas such as spa treatments, age management, acneic skins, or even waxing. Others may decide to provide all services to their clients. This is often the most common type of employment new estheticians seek out upon graduation.

MAKEUP ARTIST -- Another area that the esthetician may choose to specialize in is the artful application of cosmetics. Makeup artists are trained to embellish and beautify facial features the skillful application of cosmetics. Many will choose to specialize even further by focusing on bridal makeup, theatrical makeup or applying makeup for television and print ads or even fashion shows. Some makeup artists will decide to work for themselves on a freelance basis – others may choose to work at a salon or spa focusing only on makeup. Still others may decide to work for a makeup line found at a department store.

ESTHETICIAN AND MAKEUP ARTIST FOR RESORTS AND CRUISE SHIPS – Resorts and cruise ships offer full service salons that offer full or part time employment. Services offered often include, facials, eyebrow shaping, waxing, and makeup application for special occasions such as “formal nights”. In addition to offering personal services, these estheticians also often offer special demonstration segments in skin care and makeup techniques to interested groups.

SALON OR SPA OWNER -- This is often considered the “goal” of many students entering the field of esthetics. Most successful salon and spa owners have worked in the field for a respectable amount of time, and then decide when timing and location are optimal, to get into the business of “working for themselves”. Some owners continue to work in the treatment room providing services for their established clientele while other owners decide to get away from the “hand-on” and focus more on marketing, training and development of their staff, and customer service.

ESTHETICS INSTRUCTOR – Many private schools have a teacher training program for promising graduates. Some states require an instructor to train in teaching in all subjects , while others require instructors to specialize in one area. As an instructor, one must keep up with developments in the educational field and well as keep abreast of new beauty treatments and products entering the market. Most instructors will attend workshops and conferences to keep up to date on their knowledge.

MANUFACTURER’S REP / SALES REP – Manufacturers of skin care products and equipment employ estheticians to explain, demonstrate, and ultimately sell the company’s products. As a representative, the esthetician calls on salons, spas, doctor offices, hotels, and specialty businesses to build clientele and increase product sales. This type of position requires an outgoing personality, an impeccable appearance and sales ability. You can often expect to travel a great deal -- throughout your designated “territory” as well as to the various trade shows and conventions.

COSMETIC BUYER OR ASSISTANT BUYER -- As a buyer of cosmetics in a department store, specialty store or salon, you must keep up with the latest products advertised in the industry as well and present and future trends. Buyers travel frequently, visiting markets, trade shows, manufacturer’s showrooms. As a buyer, you must estimate the amount of stock your organization will need for a determined period of time and you must keep records of purchases and sales. The assistant buyer places orders, tracks inventory, and helps the buyer in any way possible to ensure that adequate product, which will sell, is purchased properly.

MANAGER OR SALESPERSON – In this field, your duties might include keeping records of sales and inventory on hand, demonstrating products, selling to clients, and cashiering. You mist have thorough product knowledge of everything you sell, and be able to answer questions and help clients select products that suit their skin type and/or coloring. In some cases you might answer the phone or schedule appointments. Good organizational skills, a neat appearance, and a friendly personality are a must for this type of position. A sales manager would need to have the same qualities as the salesperson but would assume more responsibility. The manager would run the entire department and train the sales staff.

BEAUTY EDITOR OR COLUMNIST FOR A NEWSPAPER, MAGAZINE OR JOURNAL – If you have a talent and or training in writing or journalism, you may wish to pursue a career in this area. As an editor or columnist, you may write about manufacturers’ products to stimulate readers’ interest and boost product sales. You may be responsible for a weekly or monthly column, a “question and answer” column, feature articles, or educational books and brochures distributed to teachers. You may also be asked to lecture and make media appearances.

STATE LICENSING INSPECTOR OR EXAMINER – Most states have laws governing esthetics and personal services and give examination periodically for esthetics licenses. As a licensed, experienced esthetician, you may become a state inspector or examiner. As a state examiner, you prepare and conduct examinations, announce and enforce rules and regulations, investigate complaints, and conduct hearings. To ensure that rules and regulations are enforced and ethical practices are maintained, each state employs a team of inspectors to cover specified territories throughout the year. These teams inspect salons and spas, to see that owners, managers, and employees and conforming to all regulations and codes.