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What Our Grads Are Saying

"I am thankful for the dedicated team of instructors and administration at the Catherine Hinds Institute. Their knowledge, guidance, and continued support made me feel comfortable and confident to complete my course. The skills I have developed during my time at the Catherine Hinds Institute have prepared me in becoming a professional Esthetician. I am honored to be a graduate of the Catherine Hinds Institute."

-Shamim Shakil, ‘23 Graduate

“Catherine Hinds Institute gave me the confidence and motivation I couldn't get anywhere else. As a bilingual immigrant from Brazil, the Catherine Hinds Institute was the place where I recognized my uniqueness and individuality. An G. Hinds always encouraged me to never give up. Shortly after graduating in 2001, I began working as a licensed esthetician and continued to do so for 20 years. In 2022, I became a spa owner and have grown my own team of employees. I will forever be grateful for how the Catherine Hinds Institute changed my future for the better.”

-Priscila dos Santos, ‘01 Graduate

"I chose the Catherine Hinds Institute because I wanted to learn from a family-run business with multiple generations of estheticians. My favorite part of attending CHI is the people I met along the way. Both my instructors and classmates, really helped me learn and grow in my journey to becoming a skin care professional. Upon graduating, Catherine Hinds Institute Career Services helped me land my first job. After working in a spa for a year, I discovered my love for lashing! I made the decision to rent a room at a salon and become my own boss. Being my own boss is an amazing feeling. If I can do it, anyone can!

I am so thankful that the Catherine Hinds Institute led me to my dream job."

-Rathavy Srey '19