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The Royal Line by Catherine Hinds

November 13, 2019

Some may argue that waxing is an esthetician’s best friend.  Waxing is a time-efficient, low-overhead service, which necessitates your client to rebook for best results. Building a loyal waxing clientele, requires the esthetician to utilize expert techniques and to use superior products.

Now, giving your client the Royal Wax treatment has never been easier! Catherine Hinds Companies is proud to introduce our latest product launch, The Royal Line, a full wax collection by Catherine Hinds.

The Royal Line underwent over a year of testing against leading brands on the market to ensure the finest formulation for all skin types. The complete line offers six elevated wax products to see your client through a luxurious epilation service:  two wax options to customize the client experience, Royal Wax hard wax and Crown Jewels strip wax; a post wax solution, Royal Scandal, to easily remove wax residue from the client; a post wax serum, Royal Tease to calm the skin of sensitivity; In the Clear, removes wax from equipment; and Royally Waxed Strips, to partner with Crown Jewels strip wax.

Royal Wax is the ultimate hard wax for offering a speedy service. This luxury wax leaves skin silky smooth, as it is infused with Vitamin E to protect the skin, in even the harshest of climates.

Crown Jewels Wax is the definition of glam strip wax, glittery gold in color and is ideal for larger waxing areas, such as arms, legs, or the back.

The Royal Wax Line is used for wax services at the Institute’s Student Clinic, an integral part of hands-on training. It also is available for purchase for licensed professionals at our professional supply store, Catherine Hinds Company.